How does a heat press work? ---Sea salt seamless heat press

How does a heat press work? ---Sea salt seamless heat press

working principle:

The principle of pulse heating, due to the special design of the surface of the welding head, the resistance of the welding surface is very small, and the current will pass through the section with the smallest resistance. By constantly changing the voltage and adjusting the current level, the welding head makes it quickly heat up. ---Sea salt seamless heat press

Classification: constant temperature heat press, pulse heat press, double station heat press, double head pulse heat press, desktop heat press, etc.

Pulse heating:

The main advantage of pulse heating technology is that it can measure a variety of thermophysical parameters at the same time. In a wide temperature range, specific heat, resistivity, full-wavelength hemispheric emissivity, normal spectral emissivity, enthalpy, etc. can all be measured. Measurements are performed during heating and cooling, and the pulse heating technique is not limited to solid phase measurements, but can also perform measurements at the junction of solid-liquid two phases. ---Sea salt seamless heat press

Features of heat press:

1. Using pulse heating technology, the temperature is controlled accurately, and the temperature sampling frequency is 0.1s.

2. Diverse working modes such as single working platform, rotating working platform and left and right mobile platform.

3. Multi-stage heating control.

4. Real-time temperature curve display. ---Sea salt seamless heat press

5. Silicone belt indexing mechanism.

6. CCD vision system provides precise alignment.

7. Large-capacity program storage.

8. Touch operation interface, program password protection.

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