Ultrasonic quality welding skills --- Wuyi ultrasonic spot melting machine

Ultrasonic quality welding skills --- Wuyi ultrasonic spot melting machine

Ultrasonic mold erection

"If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." In the ultrasonic welding operation, no matter how good the performance of the machine is, the more precise the mold is, and the more beautiful plastic products are made, if there is no correct and efficient frame mold Skills, all the efforts will be in vain, thus we can see the importance of mold erection skills. However, the mold erection technology is different due to the differences in the design and habits of the ultrasonic machines produced by each company. Even so, the theory and principles of ultrasonic welding operation are unchanged. Since there is an unchanging theoretical basis for welding, there is a common point in the principle of mold erection. ---Wuyi ultrasonic spot melting machine

In the industrial society, due to the needs of product features and functions, it is inevitable to have several different ultrasonic welding machines, but the frame mold problem will also arise from this. It is not difficult, as long as you understand the principle of ultrasonic welding first, which type of ultrasonic frame Die skills will be easily solved.

02The theory of ultrasonic welding is characterized by vibration and conduction

The unchanging theoretical basis of ultrasonic welding has the common point of the principle of mold erection. But what is the principle of ultrasonic welding? We all know that in cold weather, rubbing palms will feel hot. The faster the friction speed, the higher the temperature. This kind of temperature is proportional to the friction between the speed and the medium. In the speed of the ultrasonic wave and the vibration and friction of the plastic, a temperature higher than the melting point of the material is also generated. However, this temperature higher than the melting point of the material is not naturally generated, but comes through a series of actions.

It first generates a power signal to a vibration system composed of a transducer combined with an amplifier, and emits a vibration frequency of 15,000~20,000 times per second. power), and the melting point of plastics such as ABS is at least about 120 °C. Of course, this temperature cannot be welded, so we must install an energy amplifier, that is, a special ultrasonic mold (HORN) to expand the temperature by 1~4 times (depending on the plastic. Melting point and material properties). However, we will find that the ultrasonic upper mold is generally designed with a large diameter at the bottom and a small diameter on the end face? This is like playing with water pipes when we were young and squeezing the water outlet into small holes. Will the water become stronger and spray farther? This is the principle of expanding clustering. At this time, it is combined with a power source such as air pressure for plastic welding, which is the theory of ultrasonic welding. ---Wuyi ultrasonic spot melting machine

Of course, how to introduce the ultrasonic speed (frequency), the plastic material (medium), the temperature (amplitude) generated by friction into our plastic products and make them what we need? This knowledge is divided into three categories, that is, mold manufacturing , Die erection skills and welding processing conditions are set! And these technologies are based on the vibration and conduction of the characteristics of ultrasonic welding theory as the design basis!

03Basic inference of ultrasonic mold erection

After the previous two techniques, I believe that you are familiar with the principle of ultrasonic plastic welding. Its unit area is 1mm as the center of action point, and it can be welded to about 3mm. According to this characteristic, it can be made into several points: --- Wuyi ultrasonic spot melting machine

1. The center welding point is within 3mm. If there is any unwilling welding point, the material must be escaped to block the energy of ultrasonic transmission, so as to avoid sticking or shock damage caused by conduction.

2. The bottom mold (jig) conforms to the tolerance, and a gap of 0.05~0.1mm is reserved to avoid damage to the surface of the product caused by vibration.

3. Welding pressure is only used to drive the cylinder, and the hardening effect in the molten state after friction and vibration with the plastic is not a decisive factor for the welding strength of the product. Appearance.

4. The stronger the amplitude of the ultrasonic upper mold or the longer the welding time, the plastic is softened and pushed by the layer energy, and the plastic melting range is wider. ---Wuyi ultrasonic spot melting machine

The above four points: from the vibration and conduction of ultrasonic theory and characteristics, it is deduced that the ultrasonic conduction properties, the tolerance of the bottom mold, and the welding pressure are the basis for the erection of ultrasonic molds.

We analyze the characteristic vibration and conduction from the ultrasonic principle, which is the basis for ultrasonic mold design. From the ultrasonic principle and characteristics, the ultrasonic conduction properties, the matching tolerance of the bottom mold, and the welding pressure are derived as the basis for the ultrasonic mold erection. In this overall system discussion, everyone can have a more direct thinking direction for the mold erection in the product demand standard in the ultrasonic plastic welding operation, so as to establish efficient mold erection skills.

In personal mold erection experience, no matter how complex the product is, it should be judged and decided in the current hardware conditions (machine, mold) in the test of two samples, to what extent the product can be obtained. In the best condition, to what extent can the product be obtained and the efficiency of the output value. That is to say, the mold erection can be completed within 5 to 10 minutes of the standard mold erection action, and the rest is product analysis and research. Do not try out dozens of products or 1-2 hours at a time, which not only consumes products but also consumes time. ---Wuyi ultrasonic spot melting machine

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