High-frequency high-frequency fusing machine --- Liuzhou seamless fusing machine

High-frequency high-frequency fusing machine --- Liuzhou seamless fusing machine

This machine has two sliding positions. The operator only needs to put in the product, press the sliding table forward button, the machine head will automatically descend, heat, rise, and the sliding table exits, completing all the simple operation processes, and the staff can use it without special training. This machine; the adjustment of output power: using a unique low-loss coaxial oscillator, the output power can be adjusted at any time due to the size of the mold and the thickness of the rubber material, so that the operation of the high-frequency machine will not interfere with telecommunications, not other Brands can be compared, and the adjustment of output can also be matched with the time system. The maximum output can fuse the product in the shortest time to increase production; protection device: current limiting protection: when the output is adjusted too large, it will cut off the high-cycle output. It can protect the electronic tube in the machine from being damaged due to excessive current; ---Liuzhou seamless fuse machine

⑴ Spark protection: In the working process, if the mold has a flashover phenomenon, the protector will cut off the output, and the mold will automatically rise and leave the production.
Product, so that the mold will not be damaged by flashover;

⑵ Squeeze control: In the working process, the high-frequency output can be stopped at any time and the mold returns to the original position. The main high-frequency machines include: single-head push-disc high-frequency machine, single-head rotary high-frequency machine, double-head hydraulic high-frequency machine, double-head pneumatic high-frequency machine, high-frequency synchronous fuse machine, non-standard high-frequency machine, etc.

⑴ Spark suppressor: When sparks are generated, this machine is equipped with a special electronic circuit, which can automatically cut off the high frequency to suppress sparks, minimizing the damage to the mold and materials, and the warning light also lights up. ---Liuzhou seamless fuse machine

⑵ Avoid radio wave interference device: equipped with high-frequency high-frequency stability and high-frequency magnetic flux leakage compressor, this device can avoid the leakage of radio waves to interfere with other electronic devices, such as televisions.

⑶ Safety device: When the current exceeds the limit value, the overload current relay automatically protects the oscillating tube and the rectifier. When the mechanical cooling is insufficient, it can automatically cut off the power supply and avoid accidents due to improper operation.

⑷ Special mechanical structure: each model has been specially designed and assembled, and its strength is sufficient to cope with any situation, the machine base will never shake and the special parts are very light and precise to use. ---Liuzhou seamless fuse machine

⑸ Easy-to-adjust coherent and special circuit: high-cycle power output is particularly strong, can be seconded to adjust according to the mold size and material thickness, especially the special high-cycle circuit, high stable output, strong output rate, greatly reduced capacity Necessary welding time to improve product quality and output. Power: 5-8KW

Upper pressure plate: 400*520mm Lower pressure plate: 400*600mm

Distance between upper and lower electrodes: 150mm

Machine features: PVC, PU, TPU hot pressing, branding, and eagerly synchronized completion


⒈Fuse cardboard and blister at the same time (toothbrush packaging)

⒉Fuse various synthetic leather products at the same time

⒊At the same time, fuse synthetic leather chairs, sun visors, door armrests and so on.

⒋Brie material is melted at the same time.

⒌Shoe accessories, trademarks, watch straps, belts, cd bags, etc.

product description:

The high-power high-frequency machine uses the high-voltage rectifier self-excited electronic tube to instantly generate an electromagnetic field to change the plastic molecules. Under the action of the external pressure and the mold, it can achieve the effects of welding, cutting, sealing, and embedding; the operation is easy to understand, easy to learn, and efficient It is many times that of ordinary small machines. It is suitable for welding and cutting large plastic products. The process is simpler and the effect is more perfect. ---Liuzhou seamless fuse machine

Product Features:

Pneumatic control, simple and convenient operation; manual discharging and reclaiming; perfect and fast welding and cutting, high efficiency and good craftsmanship; suitable for welding and cutting large inflatable toys, car mats, sports goods and other products.

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