There are several main parts of the laminating machine---Zhejiang Rolling Seamless Laminating Machine

There are several main parts of the laminating machine---Zhejiang Rolling Seamless Laminating Machine

The laminating machine is different due to the different designs of various machinery manufacturers, and roughly includes: coating, drying, hot pressing, cooling, ... and other units ---Zhejiang Rolling Seamless Laminating Machine

1. Coating unit

According to different machine designs, there are roller coating and knife coating methods for coating and gluing. The glue-coated surface is also different on the door, the bottom or the film on the cloth. Different gluing methods, the penetration of the glue on the substrate and the film formation are different, of course, the effect of the adhesion is also different.

In addition, the presence or absence of the engraved pattern on the coating wheel and the pattern of the pattern will also affect the difficulty of applying glue and the form of glue coating (full-scale coating, spot coating...). Special engraved coating wheel coordination The choice of appropriate glue can even compound high-functional finished products, such as breathability, super soft feel... etc. ---Zhejiang Rolling Seamless Laminating Machine

2. Drying unit

There are different designs for the baking pins or the length and the way of drying (hot air circulation or infrared assisted), as well as the front and rear pasting models and the roller or scraper coating. The volatilization rate of the glue solvent is closely related to the drying conditions of the machine. How to adjust so that the material still has good viscosity when it is laminated is an important key to good adhesion.

3. Hot pressing unit

The size of the hot pressing wheel, the surface temperature, and the length of the pressure time will be related to the volatilization efficiency of the residual solvent, the activation degree of the glue and the quality of the bonding effect---Zhejiang Rolling Seamless Laminating Machine

4. Cooling unit

Before crimping, the laminated composite is cooled by the cooling wheel, which can promote the crystallization of the glue, improve the initial adhesion, and avoid the displacement of the laminated material during winding.

For different laminating substrates, it is often necessary to adjust the operating conditions of the machine. How to flexibly adjust the settings of the machine to make full use of the characteristics of the glue requires a machine design factory, a laminating factory and a glue manufacturer. Cooperate together---Zhejiang Rolling Seamless Laminating Machine

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